Website Security

To keep your website secure, free from malware and safe from hackers you must ensure that the latest WordPress version is installed, and that all themes and plugins are kept up to date and even this isn’t a guarantee.  However it does make your site a lot harder to hack.

Unfortunately websites being hacked seems to be becoming a far more common problem, and one of the worst things is that you lose your standing  with Google completely.  They wipe your website from their indexes – as if it never existed.

If you have been negligent, and now find yourself in this sorry state, don’t worry! Our WordPress security experts will clean out any malware and patch any vulnerabilities they find to get your website back up and running ASAP, and they’ll put you back in good standing with Google (as long  as they haven’t changed the algorithm in the meantime, again).

Contact us today to ensure your WordsPress website is secure!